Project Management

Our support for your success

Professional Project Management is an essential part to guarantee the success of a project. Shorter project times, increasing competition, growing complexity and progressive cost pressure are the challenges we face together with our customers.

Our Project management team ensure that:

  • Project organization is well defined to lead responsibilities
  • The project goals and targets are defined, communicated and controlled
  • Standards and Workflows are created and implemented
  • Early detection of risks and mitigation strategies
  • Time schedule and resource planning is defined and controlled
  • Communication, motivation and team spirit is in our focus

A project only has a chance of success if these factors are in an optimal relation to each other. A particularly important task of successful project management team is identifying risks and managing decisions. Our project management structure and workflows empower the key leaders to make informed, faster and fact-based decisions.

Risk Management

  • Avoid walking into Risk by early detections through our risk management tools
  • Risk mitigation based on informed decision >> communicated early to the decision makers citing clear impact on cost, time and budget

Budget Management

  • Make information-based spending decisions
  • CAPEX and OPEX management, focused on delivering value to the project

Time Management

  • Constantly focused on project schedule from first plan through engineering and beyond first glass
  • Tracking project success dynamically using latest tools and software


  • Keeping all stakeholders updated on the current schedule and information that matters to execute their scope
  • Management to executors and from executors to management
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